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New weblog (temporarly)

It took a while, but finally the server on which my weblog was hosted, decided to crash. The hard disk died, resulting in the loss of most of my weblogentries. I’m not very happy about that, but of course it is my own fault.
As a result, I decided to grab the latest version of WordPress and use this as a temporary resort, because I’m still working on my own weblog system. Unfortunately, it is not ready and while working on it last weekend, I broke most of it. I’m not sure creating a new system is the best way to go, but I want a custom look, and the templating system of wordpress is not very clear to me. I also looked at Typo which is written in Ruby using Ruby on Rails. This framework seems rather nice, but unfortunately I can’t get it working on my system.

All in all, everything is pretty meshed up with my weblog and I’m not happy with it.

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