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Apple goes x86

As expected, Apple announced this evening that its feature computers will use x86-processors produced by Intel. Both Apple and Intel confirm the story in a pressrelease. I’m not sure what I have to think about this, mainly because it is not clear to me what Apple’s plans exactly are. For example, will it in the feature be possible to run MacOS X on a abritrary x86-computer? Or will the operating system be exclusive to Apple hardware? And will it be possible to run for example Windows on an Apple?
I think this are interesting questions. Probably it will not be possible to run Windows on a Mac and also not possible to run OS X on a ‘normal’ pc, which causes the position of Apple the same as it is currently. On the other hand, when Apple decides to enable people to run MacOS on every pc with sufficient hardware requirements, it will be interesting what the consequences are for existing operating systems. Miguel deIcaza told in his keynote of Guadec that he considered MacOS as the major competiter on the desktop, but due to its restriction to a uncommon hardware architecture restricted it from becomming a real competitor. Unfortunately for him, this statement is not true anymore. It will be particulary interesting when Apple decides that it will be possible to run MacOS on every x86-computer, then it will become a major competitor of Microsoft. But I think that this will not be the case, due to the announcement of Microsoft that it will continue to develop Office for MacOS X. When MacOS will become a real competitor to Windows. one of MS most important will probably not choos to support it with software.

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