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Weekend off

Last weekend we had a fun weekend with all the people of my work. We went to a vacation parc of Center Parcs where we had a cocktail party at friday evenening, games on the beach on saturday and saturday evening there was a barbeque party. The weekend ended with a terrific brunch on sunday. Fortunately the weather was great saturday, so it was a lot of fun on the beach. The absolute highlight of the weekend was the speedboat (see picture). Because I work at a website, most of the people who were at the ‘party’ are technically enthousiastic. A lot of people therefore had a digital SLR camera, which resulted in an incredible amount of pictures (currently there are about 1000 pictures on the internet, but there were more pictures taken). Because most of the people are very concerned about there privacy, I cannot put a lot of pictures here, because there is a big chance someone is on it who doesn’t want to see his picture on the internet. The three pictures here are pretty safe I think (because on most of them nobody is recognizable). The first picture shows one of the games we did during the afternoon on saturday. We had to build a catapult of a few given materials which was able to shoot the ball about 10 metres, the group which was the fastest in building a working catapult won (our group was the fastes \o/ ). Other games we did were beachvolleyball, a variation on hockey, building sand castles, etc.


This picture shows the boat in which we sailed through the waves.

This last photo shows the entire group (I think… probably there are a few missing).

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