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Coming three days, the 24th, 25th and 26th of November, the HCC-dagen (HCC-days) are happening at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. A few years ago, before the world was overwhelmed with online hardware-shops, this was one of the few opportunities to buy cheap computer hardware and see the latest developments on the computerhardware market. Nowadays, with online hardware stores which sells their stuff without any significant margin, the cheap hardware isn’t available at the HCC-dagen. This is one of the main reasons I didn’t visit the HCC-dagen for about three years. This year I’ve decided to visit it again, just to see what it is today.
The HCC-dagen once was one of the biggest computer hardware events in Europe with more than 100.000 visitors. I don’t think they reach this amount of visitors the last few years. Also the ‘magic’ of the HCC-dagen is not there anymore, because on the internet one can find almost everything you will find at the Jaarbeurs. will be at the fair with two booths. One will be at Cambrium, which is one of the partners of the site (they provide the TweakDSL-service). This booth will mainly used for updating the so-called HCC-pricewatch, where you can find the lowest prices at the HCC-dagen. Additinoally there will be a shared booth with mainboard manufacturer MSI. At this booth it will be possible to buy merchandise, including casebadges, glasses, t-shirts, etc. While I’m still working for the site, I will not be present at one of these booths 🙂 .
I’m planning to visit the HCC-dagen along with my dad on sunday.

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