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Chrismas present

This morning a package was delivered by DHL. Unfortunately I was taking a shower, but our neighbour was kindly enough to receive it an carry it up four stairs. It turned out that I received the yearly christmas present of my employer: A fatboy!
Fatboy with box


Last weekend we also ‘celebrated’ Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition). I got some very nice presents:
Alicia Keys – Unplugged

A very good cd (maybe her best cd this far)

Also I got a DVD of Genesis: The Way We Walk Live in concert:

I got also a tripod for my camera, but unfortunately the one I got (Hama Traveler) was not heavy enough to support my Canon EOS 300D camera, so I got my money back for that one. Now I’m looking for a suitable tripod.

I forgot to mention one other present:
pinguinsloffen 🙂

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