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Speeding ticket

Yesterday, I had a nice letter of the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB), the Dutch organization which is responsible for collecting the money for tickets given by the police and other governmental organizations. The letter announced that I was a ‘suspect of a crime’, which makes me a bit scary. Further reading reveiled that I had received a speeding ticket which was rather high. In my opinion, it is a little bit unfair to give me such a high fine (of course) considering the time and location where I drove too fast.
Appearantly, I was driving 80 km/h on a location where only 50 km/h was allowed. Because it was near my parents house, I know the location where this happened pretty well. The location where the police was checking the driving speed is on a road where on the largest part you may drive 80 km/h. However, after a while you come in another town and while the road remains the same, the maximum speed changes to 50 km/h. On a Sunday afternoon it is very quiet on that road and it is very tempting driving too fast. Unfortunately, I did not decrease speed fast enough and a nice policeman was checking the speed at that moment.

At least, now I don’t have to think what to do with my first salary of my new job….

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