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Fixed images

Today, I fixed the images on my weblog of past articles. Because I moved my weblog to another subdomain, all links to pictures were invalid, resulting in no pictures at all on my weblog. Now, I simple created a symlink from the old location of my pictures to the new one, and that seems to work. While doing this, I also discouvered that it was possible to brows the directories on my webserver, which is a small security issue. Obviously, I fixed that as well.

Last Saturday, I had to go to Amersfoort. Because I was a little earlier than planned, I took the opportunity to take some pictures (it was very nice weather). Below is a picture of the railway station, where one of the electronic notice boards can be seen. The NS is experimenting with these boards in order to replace the old-fashioned signs that are currently used on most railway stations. I think it is an improvement on readability.
Railway station Amersfoort

Dutch Design Week

Today we visit Strijp S, the former factory buildings of Philips which are now converted into creative studio’s and housing for designers and art artists. This week the Dutch Design Week is taking place in Eindhoven. The yearly event is becoming more and more important for designers in Europe. In the entire city there are expositions and lectures about design and modern art.
Mieke at DDW
More pictures of Strijp S at my Flickr photostream.

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