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Novell creates fork

It seems that Novell created a fork of The cause of this action is the fact that the Sun Microsystems currently controls the entire development process of and requires contributers to transfer code ownership to Sun. Some of them, for example the creator of a linear solver for OO.o Calc refuses to do so. Novell now provides a version of OO.o which incorporate these patches. I’m not sure if this will benefit the development of in a significant and positive way. It is a shame that Sun is making all key decisions with regard to the future of and as such preventing the developer community introducing novel ideas.
I still think that OO.o is missing an opportunity by effectively building an MS Office clone instead of a Office suite which implement the same functionality in a better (or at least different) way.

Microsoft winner of ‘Best campaigner against OOXML’

I think this post is rather funny. I think it is also noteworthy that Microsoft is also the owner of a ISO standard proposal with the largest number of comments…

ZDNet interview with Michael Meeks

ZDNet published an interview with Novell employee Michael Meeks, who is working on and Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. Intersting read, though not much news.

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