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Coming Friday I am going on holiday with my girlfriend to Italy, more specific Rimini. We’re traveling by bus, because we didn’t have the money to go by plane. I think it will be fun. Last week I almost did nothing on a computer. I cleaned my room at my parents house and found a lot of things I didn’t even know I still had. Now I really don’t have these things anymore. Not working behind a computer was a very good thing. The last few weeks of this college year, I almost didn’t do anything, because I was just sitting behind that stupid thing browsing to non-intersting sites. Now I do more than ever. Today I even sorted photographs from our holiday two years ago to Spain.
Last week I also signed a new contract for half a year at my current employee where I work 12 hours a week. After the vacation I have to start studying again for coming exams, which I must pass in order to start on my final thesis this year. Also I’m probably going to do some stuff for the first years introduction at the university, at least I’m going to promote our badminton club. Until now, this holiday is one of the best in the past few years in my opinion.

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