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About this site

This is the personal site of Martin Sturm. I’m a software developer at eBay, working on During my day job, I mainly do web development using Java, but I’m also interesting in alternative JVM-languages, like Scala, Groovy and use scripting languages such as Perl, PHP and Ruby. I have a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor degree in Electronics.

During my free time and when I’m not using my computer I do a lot of sports (badminton, running, mountainbike and fitness) and I like to play music, watch movies, listening to music and photography.

On this website you can find my weblog where I write occasionally some articles about various subjects. Mostly these articles are related to my interests, such as (digital) photography, webdevelopment and (open source) software. One of my interests are computers in general. Because Windows on an x86 computer is rather boring, I mainly use Unix-based operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS X.