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What The Hack

Last week (yes, I’m late writing about it) I went to the hackers conference What The Hack, which was near Boxtel. What The Hack is the fifth event in a row of four-yearly hacker events. The first was Galactic Hacker Party in 1989 in Paradiso. Then it was followed by the first outside event, called Hacking At The End Of The Universe (HEU). HEU was followed by Hackers in Progress (HIP) in 1997. Then there was Hackers At Large 2001 and this year What The Hack.

It was very interesting and I’m glad I have visited it. I wrote several articles about What The Hack for (1, 2 (Dutch)). Pictures of What The Hack are here. Obviously there is a lot of information about What The Hack on the wiki of What The Hack.

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