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Last step to the finish

Last week I started my final project in order to finish the Computer Science study I’m currently doing. My final project takes approximately 9 months to finish, which is quite long. The project on which I’m working the coming 9 months is called ‘Sapphire’, which stands for ‘Semantic-enhanced Agent-based Platform for Personalized access of Heterogeneous Information Resources’. In normal language it means I’m trying to improve an existing system for searching and browsing content of a certain information domain and add relevant content from the www to it using external search engines. The idea is that using ontology languages such as OWL and RDF to create meaningful queries for search engines.
The first week I mainly read about ontologies and ontology languages including OWL, RFD, RDFS and so on. The steps for the coming week is to get an overview of search engine which are useable for this project (probably Google or Lucene) and dive into Service Oriented Architectures. Mainly this last subject is extensive and because I don’t have hardly any knowledge about it, this means a lot of reading.

For this project the university of Eindhoven works together with the University of Leeds, which means that maybe in January we have to go to Leeds for a few days.

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  1. December 9th, 2005 at 20:08

    David Harris says:

    take a look at
    Swoogle: A Semantic Web Search and Metadata Engine
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