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E4X in Firefox 1.5

Unfortunately, Firefox 1.5 is not yet integrated in Ubuntu Breezy Badger, and according to messages from developers on the Ubuntu Forums it will probably never be backported to Breeze Badger because of the large number of dependencies for Firefox. The next version of Ubuntu, however, will ship with Firefox 1.5 and the development version should be equiped with the new version of the browser.
Today, I read about E4X which is an XML extension to JavaScript (officially ECMAscript) and enables webdevelopers to directly use XML in Javascript. I think this is pretty cool. An example on the weblog of Jamin Philip Gray shows that it is possible to put XML in an ordinary variable and then access the data in the XML easily using standard JavaScript operators.
I think this behaviour should be implemented in other languages as well, because it simplifies working with XML. Java and PHP developers should look at this 🙂

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