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Canon introduces new digicams and lenses

Canon today introduced a large number of new products. The first is the Ixus 800 IS, which is the first Canon Ixus camera with build in image stabilization. The Ixus 60 and 65 are also new, with a large 2,5″ LCD-camera. Also the Powershot A-serie is extended with new models. The A700 and the A540 are the more expensive models, the A420, A430 and A530 are aimed at the budget market. For the prosumer market there is the new PowerShot S3 IS, which has an 12x optical zoomrange and build-in image stabilization. Finally there is a new dSLR from Canon which is the EOS 30D. This camera replaces the 20D which is positioned above the entry-level dSLR EOS 350D. The new features of the 30D are limited, but interesting enough to choose the newer 30D above the 20D. Canon also introduces two new lenses for the Canon EF-mount, a 85mm F/1.2 L-lens and a 17-55mm F/2.8 lens with image stabilization. This last lens is intersting, but unfortunately a little bit expensive with an introduction price of more than 1100 dollar.

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