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iPhone 3G and iPod Touch banned from European market?

According to a post on the Dutch site, the Dutch government and Apple are discussing a new European regulation which forbids manufacturers to sell products with non-removable batteries. Since 26th of September, this new regulation applies in the Netherlands, but manufacturers were informed in advanced according to the article. In fact, earlier rumours were that since that date Apple wasn’t allowed to import new stock and therefore the iPhone and iPod Touch shouldn’t be available in our lovely country. However, there are some exceptions possible including medical devices, children toys and also devices which rely on the battery for data consistency. I think Apple will try to prove that this latter point applies to the iPhone and iPod Touch.
I think it is an intresting point, since the build-in battery was one of the major complaints when the iPhone 3G was introduced. But I don’t think Apple will introduced a modified iPhone which has a replacable battery just for some European countries which think it is better for the envorinment…

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