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New Computer

Last week I bought a new computer. Since I wanted something new, I decided to buy a Apple Mac Mini. I didn’t have any experience with Apple computers. The main reason for buying a Mac Mini was its size and the ability to run MacOS X and Linux. Thus far, I’ve only used MacOS X on the system, and I must say that it is a very nice operating system. The usability is very good in general, but in some cases there are some minor issues.
In comparisation with Gnome or KDE (with which I don’t have a lot recent experience) there are some things better in MacOS X, but other things are worse. For example the default terminal applications provided with OS X is worse than for example Gnome-terminal. The same holds for the default texteditor (I use gedit a lot on Gnome, and I think it is a very nice editor, I didn’t yet find something like gedit for MacOS X). At the moment I use MacOS X as primary OS, but I don’t exclude the posibility that I will switch to Linux in the future. MacOS X isn’t open source, which is a major drawback in my opinion.

Edit: I forgot another problem with MacOS X: It doesn’t support Ogg Vorbis by default. I cannot imagine one valid reason to not support this open and free audio format, so why isn’t it included in Quicktime and iTunes (especially in the lather it would be a very nice feature in my opinion).

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