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Apple Tiger

Yesterday I finally installed Tiger on my Mac Mini. There are not many changes in comparisation to Panther, apart from some new RSS functionality and ofcourse Dashbodrd. Dashboard is pretty nice, and should be available for other OS’ses, because nobody uses calculators, sticky notes etc on their computers, because when they are on the desktop, the other windows cover these applications and when they are always on top, they are always at the wrong place. With Dashboard solves this problem in a very nice way.

I just saw a link to a nice site containing samples of what can achieved with Quartz Composer. While I had never heard of this application, which is part of Xcode2 as it seems, one can create rather nice things with it. All screensavers for MacOS X seems to be created using Quartz Composer.This site is the one I’m talking about. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the movies doesn’t work on systems without Quicktime, and maybe even not on non-Apple systems. A nice tutorial for Quartz Composer can be found here.

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