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More Apple information

During the day there has become more information available about the plans of Apple regarding their switch to Intel processors. As it seems they will not support Windows on the Apple computers, but a spokesman from the company told that it will be possible to run Windows on the computers, so people probably will do this. On the other hand, it is pretty sure that it will not be possible to run MacOS X on non-Apple computers. This last point could be expected, mainly because MS confirmed to support Office on the Apple computers. Taking these facts in considering, I think the transition from PowerPC to Intel x86 will not have very big consequenses for most users. I think most Apple users don’t care if there is an Intel or IBM processor in the design box from Apple and most of them also don’t care if it will be possible to run Windows on it, because they choose Apple and thus choose MacOS X instead of Windows.

Something completely different now (but still about Apple 🙂 ). Apple today also announced on the WWDC that it is going to support a more open development proces regarding the WebCore-software. In a new project, called WebKit, Apple announced that it opens its CVS-tree with the code of WebCore and the Javascript stuff which is part of it. This is good news for the KHTML-developers, who recently complained a lot about Apple’s bad behaviour after taking the code of KHTML as basis for its WebCore stuff on which, amongst other products, Safari is build. It will even be possible for external developers to contribute code to the WebKit project and also to use the WebKit stuff in their own projects. It seems that everything is available under the LGPL. Of course Apple still isn’t an open source company, but this step is a good one I think (though probably some people won’t agree on this 😛 ).

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