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Windows XP stability issue

While Windows 2000, Windows XP and the other ‘newer’ Windows versions are a lot more stable than the previous versions (i.e. Windows 98 and earlier), the operating system still has some issues. For I wrote an article about a relatively new issue with causes a Windows XP crash when in a html file an img-tag is used with big values for the ‘width’ and ‘height’ attribute. In my opinion this is a serious issue, because it is very easy to trigger this error.
What bothers me is that pretty fast after I put the article online, people start complaining via instant messaging about the fact that it is not a issue with Windows but is caused by the drivers, which is not Microsoft’s fault. The BSOD which is displayed when the bug occurs actually says that is a fault in the driver, but almost every Windows XP computer is vurnerable and even when you use the default VGA driver, the bug occurs. However, not every browser triggers the bug. Internet Explorer 6, the latest Mozilla, Netscape and Firefox 1.0.4 can be used to trigger the bug. The develoment version of Firefox (1.1) and Opera, however, don’t cause the error.

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