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Yesterday evening we went to the movie SinCity. I think it was one of the best movies I saw recently, maybe even as good as Pulp Fiction (the local media promote it as the successor of that movie, which is not really the case in my opinion, because Pulp Fiction is written and directed by Quentin Tarantino). I think the real director (Robert Rodriguez) deserves more credits, because I think he is one of the best directors, he operates the camera and created the soundtrack. On the DVDs which are part of the ‘El Mariachi’ box, there are ’10 minute schools’ by Robert Rodriguez. These short movies shows how he creates movies which is very interesting, and not like how other directors it do (at least it seems not to be the case when one sees the ‘making of’ of some movies).

Something different now. For some strange reason last few weeks I’m not very productive. Normally I like to spend my time with programming some useless stuff, but recently when I have nothing important to do, the only thing I do is useless browse the internet or read uninteresting magazines. Probably it has to do with the fact that until recently I was very busy with all sort of stuff, like organizing a badminton tournament, finishing courses for school, etc. Now I only have to do exams for two courses, which is very easy theoretically, but not if you do nothing. In order to change this, I decided last weekend that I not allow myself to do nothing, so today (it was the first day I had nothing planned this week) I decided to do some cleaning of the house and rearrange stuff. I also did some adminstration, like arranging financial stuff (studiefinanciering) and made a studyplan for my next exam (next friday). I hope this will solve my unproductivity problem.

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