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I have decided that I want to become a better photographer. In order to achieve this goal, I started practising. Yesterday I tried to make some shots of riding cars using a technique called ‘panning’. This means that you have to follow the car with your camera. The results which should be achieved shows the car ‘sharp’ while the background is blurred.

Today I tried to experiment with the ability of my camera to shoot in RAW mode. RAW files are also called ‘digital negatives’. Normal when you shoot your pictures, the camera applies some filters and algorithms on the picture in order to correct the white balance, brightness, contrast, etc. When you use the RAW fileformat, the raw data from the camera sensor is stored. When you get the pictures from your memory card onto your computer, you can apply the filters and algorithms on the computer, where you have a lot more control on the used settings. This way you can achieve interesting results. I made two pictures, one of the trees in front of our house and one of the sky with a beautiful sunset.


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