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Apple product announcement

After the recently introduced iPod nano, which was quite a shock for a few mp3 playcer manufacturers, Apple probably will introduce new products on the 12th of october. There are a lot of rumours about what Apple will introduce during the press event, which will take place at the California Theatre in San Jose. Because the press invitation shows a red curtain on the background, there are speculations about a iPod video which will be introduced. This is certainly an option, but on the other hand, Steve Jobs said several times that few people would like to view movies on a small screen on such a small device. It may be possible that the iPod video is not meant to be used as stand alone video player, but should be used in combination with a television or beamer. The storage capacity, which will probably be 40 or 80GB, allows one to store high quality movies on the device. It would be nice if you’re able to not only play movies from the iPod video, but also record tv-shows… but hey… the iPod video with such possibilities already has a lot of the possibilities the so-called Home Theatre System… According to some sources, it is therefore not unlikely that Apple will introduce such a device.

But when you look at the text on the invitation, which says ‘one more thing’ (a phrase which is used a lot by Jobs in press events to announce a important product), it is also not impossible that it has nothing to do with the iPod (some sites seems to forgot that Apple produces more than iPods). Personally I think Apple will introduce new computer systems during the event (mainly because the iPod nano was introduced very recently). It is almost certain that Apple will introduce sometimes new PowerMacs with dual-core G5 processors. Also there are rumours about new PowerBooks, maybe even with the new power efficient G5 – which would be very nice. Some people say that it is unlikely that Apple will introduce new PowerMacs and PowerBooks, because all engineers of the company are working on the new Intel systems. But that would mean that there will no new high-end systems of the company for at least 9 months (but possably more). The first Intel-based Apple systems will be introduce in june 2006, but Apple has stated very frequently that at first only the low-end systems of the company will use Intel processors. Not introducing high-end systems for at least 9 months would mean a serious loss of customers – something the company probably won’t risk. So I bet my money on new PowerMacs and PowerBooks.
Other posible products are a PDA or a Phone, but I doubt that.

Apple invitation

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