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Today I came across this article on SlashDot about a framework called TurboGears. It is based on Python and seems to be inspired by the currently ‘hyped’ Ruby on Rails. There is a 20 minute long screencast tutorial (.mov) of TurboGears which shows the possibilities of the framework. Based on this screencast I think it is an pretty impressive framework. Maybe I give it a try. Currently I only know PHP well enough to do some serious webdevelopment in it, but for a larger projects this language can hardly be taken serious without using several additions such as template engines and database abstraction layers. TurboGears has all these things by default and also an part which almost entirely abstracts the database part of a webapplications simarly to Hibernate for Java.

On another news, this week there will be a new version of the popular distribution Ubunty. The new version is called Breezy Breezer. I will definately tinstall the new version on my laptop when it is available. Currently I don’t know what the improvements are in the new Ubuntu, but I will figure that out this week, because I’m planning to write an article about it for Today I noticed that Mark Shuttleworth, the initiater of Ubuntu and multi-milionair and former austronaut, also do some development himself. Thus far I thought he only financed the development of Ubuntu and had no influence on the technical part of the distro, but that seems to be incorrectly.

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