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New Palm

Palm has introduced two new Palm’s. The most intresting in my opinion is the Palm TX. This new Palm is a successor of the Tungsten T5. Some sites call it a ‘reduced T5’, but on that point I disagree. The TX has only one major improvement, and that is the integration of WiFi. The specifications are not ‘suprising’ because there were rumours about this Palm which were very accurate. The processor of the TX is 316MHz, which is 84MHz slower than the T5, but this doesn’t mean that this Palm is slower. My Palm Tunsten E2 is almost as fast as the Tungsten T5 of my father, but only has a 200MHz processor (the Tungsten T5 has 400MHz processor. The amount of available memory is also a little bit lower than with the Tungsten T5, but this can easily be upgraded with SD cards or MMC cards. The TX has a screenresolution of 320×480.
Palm has also introduced a new low-end Palm for first time users. This is the Zire 22, which probably replaces the Zire 21. The Zire 22 has a colour screen with a resolution of 160×160 and 20MB of available memory for the user. It is not possible to extend this amount of memory with cards.

Palm Z22 and TX

Left the Z22 and the TX on the right.

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