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Apple updates

As expected Apple today unveiled a bunch of new products. As most newssites expected, the company launched a successor of the ‘normal’ iPod. The new iPod has a 30GB or 60GB harddisk and a 2.5″ color LCD-screen, which enables users to view photos and album covers, but also (and that is the ‘most exciting part’) video’s. This step is not very suprising, because it was already possible for a while to download music video’s from Apples iTunes Music Store. Apart from downloading videoclips, the IMS now offers also ‘popular’ series, such as ‘Desperate housewifes’ and ‘Lost’ (according to the press release from Apple 🙂 ).
Speaking of iTunes, along with the new iPod the company decided to introduce a new version of this piece of software as well. Remembering the introduction of iTunes 5 only a month ago, this means that in a little more than one month Apple upgrades iTunes 4 via iTunes 5 to iTunes 6.

new Apple iPod

But that’s not all. To my surprise Apple today also introduced a new iMac G5. I personally expected that Apple would introduce a new Powermac with dual-core G5 processor, but that was appearantly not the case. The new iMac G5 doesn’t offer a dual-core processor (that was what I first expected when I read that Apple introduced a new iMac), but has only relatively small improvements. The ‘home Mac’ is slowly moving to the Apple equivalent of the Windows XP Media Center Edition Intel pc. The new iMac standard comes with a remote control with only six buttons (according to Apple a typical Windows MCE computer has a remote with over 40 buttons). The new iMac has a build-in iSight (the webcam from Apple) and that’s all. Only some minor hardware upgrades, such as a faster processor (1.9 or 2.1GHz G5), 512MB 533MHz DDR2 memory and ATi X600 videocard with 128MB memory. The iMac is available with a 17″ or 20″ LCD screen and has default Bluetooth 2.0, Airport Extreme (WLAN) and a dual-layer capable Superdrive (DVD-burner).

new Apple iMac

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