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Firefox 1.5

Today Firefox 1.5 has been officially released. This is a major release for the Firefox project, because along with the new version of the browser, a new website is launched ( which claims to be more userfriendly for less customers with less technical understanding than most of the current Firefox users.
The most important new features of Firefox 1.5 include default support for SVG-images (which is very nice I think, and very important for the adoption of SVG as a general webstandard), improved support for CSS2 and CSS3 and of course the regular bug and security fixes. For Apple users, it is very intersting to know that support for the Mac OS X operating system has been improved.
I have just installed the latest version of Firefox on my Mac mini, and I must say that the improvemts are obvious. First, the rendering speed of websites seems to be dramatically improved. Additionally, there was a problem when filling out webforms. Previous versions of Firefox tend to become very slow when you were typing large texts (such as weblog postings), this seems to be solved. Finally the middle-mouse button now works again when you want to open a website in a new tab.
For Mac users, Firefox 1.5 is definately a big improvement!
I don’t have tried the browser on other platforms yet, because I don’t like to install it on Ubuntu without an official package for it. Because I hardly use Windows, the change that I will try the Windows version of Firefox 1.5 within a few days seems very unlikely.

Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS X

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