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Inkjet printer with Laser printer performance

CoolTechZone has a review of the Hewlett-Packerd Business Inkjet 1000 printer. According to HP this printer prints normal monochrome pages for only 0,02 cents per page. This is in the price range of Laserprinters and thus very interesting in my opinion. The reviewer of CoolTechZone wants to check HP claims and did so using the supplied cartridge. The final verdict is that the printer almost is as good as a (cheap) laser printer with a price per page of about 0,038 cents (which is a little higher than HP claims). On one 34 dollar cartridge it is possible to print over 1000 pages. The printing speed is impressive with 3 seconds per page (black/white) and 100 seconds for a photo. The purchase price of the printer is also reasonable with approximately 150 dollar. I think this is a good development. My OfficeJet 6110 All-in-one is a little slower but the price per page is in the same range I guess.

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