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Search in Nautilus

Obviously, the development of Gnome is still going on. This evening, I read a weblog article about search integration in Nautilus written by Alexander Larsson. The article contains some screenshots of a search implementation in Nautilus which is powered by the search code of Beagle. The new functionality implements ‘smart folders’, which enables one to save search queries. I think this kind of functionality is really essential in order to stay in competition with the other ‘desktop environments’ such as Mac OS X and the upcoming Windows Vista. Since I’m using Mac OS X with Spotlight, I developed the habit using Spotlight for finding files when I know (part of the) name of it. This is way faster than manually navigating to the folder in which the file is stored using Finder (or Nautilus or whatever filemanager).
Now, there only need to become a solution for the patent problems regarding Mono/C#… but didn’t I wrote that a year ago also?

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