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Really amazing on YouTube

In my opinion, most of the stuff on YouTube is not very interesting. However, today I stumbled upon a post on Slashdot which contains a link to a really inspiring video created by somebody with a lot of time, but most of all, a very creative and musical mind. What he does, basically, is gathering music-related video’s from YouTube and edit them in such a way that a new song is created. You should watch some of these:

There are at least six others, just take a look here: All the original video’s are linked as well.

Room 11

Yesterday evening, we visited a performance of the Dutch band Room Eleven in the Effenaar. Room Eleven is a relatively new band (their first album was released in 2006) and consists of very skillful artists. I think it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, and I can really recommend them. In my opinion there are not very much good bands in the Netherlands, but this one is the exception to this rule. They play a mix of Jazz, Funk, Bossa Nova and pop, but has also some influences from other styles, like gipsy music. It’s very refreshing and the passion for music really flows through the venue. The singer, Janne Schra, who apparently also write most of the music, has a very strong voice ranging from very intimate to really high notes. The other musicians, a guitarist, drummer/percussionst, bas player (who actually plays on an acoustig bass!) and keyboard player (using a Rhodes, Hohner and grand piano) are really good. I recommend buying their album Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat.

You can listen to some examples on

Interessante visie op auteursrecht

Column over auteurrsrecht door saxofonist Hans Dulfer op Xs4all. Uiteraard heeft hij volgens mij helemaal gelijk. Ik ga never nooit betalen voor drm-muziek; zelfs als platenmaatschappijen niet anders meer zouden uitbrengen (maar dat doen ze toch niet, want dan verkopen ze niets meer).

Home automation

Some students at MIT have created an automated room. Very nice, especially the party mode is cool. When reading about it, you almost feel like to turn your own room into a fully automated environment.

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