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Google Chrome: the iPhone of the browsers

Today, Google introduced its own browser, called Google Chrome. While I wasn’t aware that Google was working on a browser, I think they have done a good job. Browsers are changing from a hypertext navigator to a sandbox for interactive applications which doesn’t have much to do with the hypertext from the past. Therefore, it is a good idea to re-evaluate the idea behind browsers and Google appearantly did this.
I think it was just a matter of time before some company came with this idea… now it is Google, but it could also have been Apple, Microsoft or another company.
I think they did a good job, and this browser is definitely going to grab some marketshare and will become important for the future.
In fact, I suspect it is going to do what the iPhone did for the mobile telephony market: make the other browser vendors more innovative.

Strong points are the process separation for tabs, the clean interface and the focus on speed in Javascript and the fact that it is open source. Now we only have to wait for the Mac and Linux version. The process manager is really nice. I also like the ‘smooth’ animations for tabs and other UI elements…

Some people argue that the process seperation of Chrome is already available in Internet Explorer, but obviously, in Chrome it is better. In Internet Explorer it is simple impossible to run a tab in a seperate process and kill it indiividually.