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Managing life

For a very long time I have difficulties to finish things on time and starting to work on things. I know it is a common problem because when you search on the internet you find stories of a lot of other people who has the same problem, and I also know some people in real life who struggle with this.
There are complete books on how one can manage personal projects and work. While I think I’m not a very worse at it (because when I HAVE to finish stuff, I get is usually done on time), but improvement in my productivity and motivation is required in my opinion. After reading an article in the latest issue of the magazine Linux Journal about managing todo-lists using open-source and free software, I decided to improve my managing of todo-lists. While I had a todo list, I didn’t check it regularly and also didn’t update it when it was necessary. Since last week I decided to manage my todo list only using my recently bought PalmOne Tungsten E2 PDA. I put small ‘tasks’ in it instead of ‘large’ tasks which are difficult to start working on.

This forced me to rewrite my entire todo list. I have now a few larger tasks an a lot of small, managable tasks. When I have some spare time I start working on such a small tasks. When I have finished a lot of these tasks on a day (which is easy to do) I’ve a very satisfied feeling. It requires some discipline to update my todo list everytime, but after a week I get used to this. I hope I will able to keep this habit because I do a lot more each day, while I have the feeling I have more sparetime (which is good).

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