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New Novell-projects

While some people are very reserved regarding the Linux activities of Novell, one can impossibly deny that the company has a lot of ‘new’ projects for the Linux community. Unfortunately for a lot of people, most of these projects are developed in the controversial programming language Mono.
This week, the company has introduced three new projects. The first one can be found at the URL and is a repository of videos of usability tests on several programs. These videos are accompanied with analysis papers of what one can see.
The second project is called Tango and the URL of this site is (currently the site seems to be unavailable). This project aims to create a uniform look-and-feel across the several desktop environments and programs which are used on a typical Linux desktop. In reality this means that they aim to create a uniform iconset and themes for KDE and Gnome. The final project is Banshee which is another musiclibrary manager, very similar to Rhythmbox, but probably developed in Mono. Probably it is less buggy than Rhythmbox and has some interesting features.

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